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Employing Teens
Providing employment to teen workers is a wonderful opportunity for an employer as well as for the teen. It provides an opportunity for the teen to learn valuable job skills and good work habits. It provides the employer an opportunity to mentor youth and provide the workforce with workers who are ready to take on the challenges of an ever changing job market.
Below are some tips and information that will help you prepare to provide employment and valuable experience for teen workers.
  1. Understand the law.
  2. Make sure your teen employees have a work permit
    • Any teen under the age of 18 that has not graduated from high school is required to have a work permit, including summer jobs. Teens who have graduated or have passed the high school equivalency exam are not required to have a work permit.
  3. Stress safety to your supervisors and work mentors
  4. Stress safety to the youth you employ
    • Teach safe work habits
    • Set up a safe work plan
    • Train youth to perform the tasks they are assigned
    • Make sure they are well supervised
  5. Communicate with your youth employees and help them resolve any concerns
With your support, a part-time job can be a rewarding and successful experience. It can help a teen to learn responsibility and to prepare for the future. Just remember, this may be a teen's first work experience. You will be a valuable mentor in teaching him or her the tools to be successful in future work endeavors. Work closely to train youth to be the kind of employee you would want to hire!
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