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Rapid Response
A Proactive Partnership for Layoff Prevention/Assistance
Experience clearly demonstrates that early intervention by a Rapid Response Team increases quality and improves outcomes for your business, employees, unions (if applicable), and the community. Change is stressful. Losing valued employees is difficult. Contact our Rapid Response Team to help you maintain a safe workplace and reduce stress among your workers. This team effort has also shown to have a direct bearing on the morale and productivity of the workers who remain after a layoff. Our Rapid Response Team will share information, procedures, and valuable experience to improve your operations and employment requirements.
Get the Most From Rapid Response - Start Early
Contact our Rapid Response Team well in advance of any layoff date. By starting early we can help you avert potential closures and minimize downsizing. Early notice will also better prepare your employees and executives with the full range of no-cost training and employment services. Our Rapid Response Team is part of a state and federal network of experts who are prepared to assist you in navigating the various government regulations pertaining to your business.
Your Site or Ours
To allow employees to remain in a convenient and familiar environment, we can provide services at your place of business. This allows our Rapid Response Team to better customize outplacement services for your specific workplace. We can also arrange for a centralized, off-site location if this better meets your needs.
Display Helpful Employee Information
Orientation sessions with Rapid Response experts ensures a complete understanding of all services and training. We can show you how to assure your staff that your goal is maximum professional support. Our team will answer employees' questions and manage their concerns. As part of our services, a handbook in English or Spanish will be distributed to explain the in-depth support available.
How Does Your Business Benefit by Using your Rapid Response Team?
  • All services are provided at No-Cost
  • Our knowledgeable network of experts can make your transition as smooth as possible
  • Employee surveys to better respond to your employees' needs and concerns
  • Expert orientation to ensure a complete understanding of available services
  • Employment Development Department within our One-Stop Centers
  • Convenient and exclusive resource rooms
  • Coordination with labor unions (when applicable)
  • Confidentiality concerning your business decisions
  • Better working morale and productivity during transition
  • Information about alternatives that may help you avoid or reduce layoffs
  • No red tape for you
  • You and your employees get to work faster
  • Potential reduction in unemployment insurance costs
  • Potential reduction in workers compensation costs
  • Coordination of services and resources
  • Positive labor-management relations
  • Positive community impact
  • More effective use of benefits
For more information on Rapid Response please call (661) 325-HIRE or e-mail our Rapid Response Team
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